Client Feedback

Doe’s coaching is amazing!  She helped me get through numerous business decisions and helped me formulate a path for accomplishing several goals.  She is incredibly insightful and skilled at what she does.  I am so grateful to have found her and would recommend her to any professional who is interested in looking honestly at themselves and taking on the challenge of growing into the best possible leader they can be!

Denise Imansepahi
Epiphany Financial Services

Doe at Leap Coaching has been a tremendous partner as I’ve worked through my career planning and personal development.  When I first engaged Doe, I felt stuck and unclear on the direction of my career.  Over the course of several months, Doe and I worked together to build a plan and path to clarify my potential and development direction.  The result has been a renewed sense of energy and clarity on where my career is going, my potential, and loving my work.  If you’re at all uncertain on where you’re headed with your career, I’d highly recommend Doe and her team at Leap Coaching as a way to help build a path.

Mark Spanswick
President and General Manager
Ace Wholesale

“When I was first approached about the idea of a professional/executive coach, I must admit, I wasn’t very excited. In fact, I was skeptical about the intrinsic value and return on investment. That was until I met Doe Kittay. Doe is the real deal, who quickly and successfully created a confidential zone, where I could share my unedited views about the world, life and work. She helped reframe some of my fears and hesitations into opportunities and strengths, with the profound understanding that while we cannot control the world around us, we can certainly influence it based on how we show up. Thanks Doe for your partnership in taking my leadership skills to a whole new level.”

Saa McCarthy
Director, Operational Accounting & Controls
Floworks International LLC

“Doe is an outstanding leader… She has an amazing ability to make others better by providing them with insightful feedback and coaching. She builds strong relationships with her team, her peers, and multiple stakeholders, which enables her to build a great deal of trust.”

Paul Kindzierski,
Chief Sales Officer, PSAV

“Doe is an experienced leader, but her gift is authenticity and insight. I was able to reach key milestones within a few months due to Doe’s ability to support my development. I would recommend Doe as an executive coach, especially for someone that is navigating unchartered professional waters or leading in an environment of transformational change.”

Senior Director
Industrial Supply Company

“There are few opportunities most of us have in our careers to work with someone who so positively influences our development and improves our leadership. Doe is that person… I am thankful for her actionable coaching and strategic guidance and I know there are hundreds more people who are thankful as well.”

Sr. Manager
Business Communications